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LJ Hooker Avnu puts you back in charge

The digital explosion has changed the way we catch taxis, book holidays and do our banking. Now it’s real estate’s turn and Avnu is leading the charge.

Australians have always been quick to adopt new technology and when it comes to buying and selling property, we’re hungry for change. Avnu breaks down the barriers between homeowners and agents, ditching jargon for real talk and smoke and mirrors for transparency. From the moment you engage one of our agents to sell your property to the day your keys get handed over to the new owner, Avnu’s vendor portal puts you back in control.

Paperless and secure, the platform leverages today’s market knowledge and enriches your experience with tomorrow’s technology. Avnu streamlines admin for agents to enable them more face-to-face time and gives you unprecedented access to data-driven decision making.

The result?

A simplified experience and the best possible outcome for your property.

Avnu has attracted some of Australia’s top performing agents who have stepped into the future. Meet our agents.

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