Connor Clark

Motivated. Genuine. Logical.

To be an elite rower, you need dogged determination and the ability to keep an unwavering eye on the prize – the same attributes that make a good real estate agent great. Rising well before dawn for training, Connor would row more than 40km a day in his quest to become the best he could be. “It was hard but I loved that it was hard,” Connor says. “I liked the competition – even at training it was a race – and I liked how it made me feel. It made me stronger in every way.”

Having grown up renovating investment houses with his parents and learning about property’s potential to generate wealth along the way, real estate was a logical next step. And a smart one. Using the unique skillset he developed as a top athlete, Connor has excelled at helping people meet their property goals. “Real estate has the same spirit of competition I thrived on as a rower and it motivates me the same way – I get out what I put in.”

Along with drive and determination, Connor’s friendly and genuine nature and ability to adapt on the fly are valuable attributes when it comes to reading buyers at open homes. “I see real estate not just as being about buying and selling property, but connecting with people and building trust,” he says. Trust is as vital for vendors as it is for buyers, of course, and that’s one reason why Connor joined Avnu. “It’s so transparent at Avnu. Vendors are given so much information through the selling process that there’s no reason to question it; they can see we’re working to get them the best price possible.”

“Every other industry has been transformed by technology; it’s just changed the game. Real estate hasn’t – until now.”

When we’re not talking property, talk to me about:

Wealth creation, self-improvement, meditation, cricket

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