Adrian Bridges

Aims to give vendors an amazing client experience.

Accomplished. Composed. Innovative.

Average time on market18 days

Auction clearance rate80%

Career record sale$19 million

2017 Gross sales volume$121 million

Adrian has been a top-performing real estate agent for 12 years, cutting his teeth during the best and worst market Australia had seen in 30 years – invaluable experience when it comes to devising strategies that work no matter what the market is doing.

Solutions driven, a big thinker, and a leader in his field. That’s Adrian. Prior to joining Avnu, though, he was frustrated with the real estate industry because he and his team were needlessly bogged down in paperwork.

“I always thought there had to be a better way and now, with Avnu, there is a better way,” he says “It saves us and the clients masses of time – the platform streamlines and automates tasks to free up agents to do what they do best and play to their potential.”

Drive and determination are in abundant supply for Adrian, who first aims to understand what a vendor’s expectations and previous real estate experiences are – and then sets out to exceed them.

Adrian has bought, sold, renovated and developed numerous properties, giving him valuable insight into what it’s like to be a vendor and the value of such things as having an approved DA (Development Application) in place. “I don’t leave anything to chance,” he says. Far from putting a property out there and hoping for the best, Adrian always has a detailed plan in place and explains from start to finish what vendors can expect from the selling process.

When we’re not talking property, talk to me about:

Travel, triathlons, interior design and renovating

Real Estate Licence Details

Company Name: ADBridge Consulting Pty Ltd

ABN: 46 149 439 761 Licence: 10027236

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